We believe in and love our products but don't just take our word for it! Check out some of our customer reviews submitted by athletes that use our products frequently. Check out more reviews and submit your own by visiting our facebook page. There you go straight from the wallaby.....I mean horse's mouth!

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Tony Williams

Great product. Comfortable, durable, fits well, and allows me to carry virtually anything I wish while running or biking.

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Mary Beth Walls

The web site is informational and the product is fabulous. I like that the bicep sleeve doesn't move so once I have it in place, I am good to go and know that my phone isn't going to slide. Can't wait to use the wristband on warm weather walks!

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Bryan Jackson

I have used this product for running, biking and also general workouts. The material is solid with a "grabber" band on the inside to keep the band in place. Highly recommended.