Kickstarter contributors

This page is to thank all of those from our Kickstarter Campaign who helped get this company started by funding our 1st round of production. We cannot thank you enough for believing in us and our products. You have our undying gratitude for your kindness!

If you would like to check out our past Kickstarter Campaign feel free to visit our Kickstarter Page: Marsupial Kickstarter Campaign


Red Kangaroo Contributor

Our biggest individual contributor we cannot thank you enough for supporting our dream and helping our company form the Keep Earth Beautiful Campaign for animal and land conservation. So that we can help keep our world unique and beautiful for generations to come.

- Anonymous Contributor


Koala Contributor

Thank you for your kindness and generosity in supporting our company. Our Koala contributor also helped come up with the awesome slogan for our Bandicoot product line! Thank you for putting a fantastic spin on our Bandicoot products.

- Anonymous Contributor


Wallaby Contributors

Our Wallaby contributors bought our entire product line! Thank you for being the 1st to snag all of our products!



- Jason Story               - Kim McMunn                - Luann Bolk                - Martha Whitacre

- Brent Heaton           - Alison Conquest             - Chuck Edens             - Darin Hostetter

- Thomas James          - Brad Elder                      - Brad Page                  - Kim Page

- Mike Conquest


Wombat Contributors

Our Wombat contributors kept warm with our Bandicoot fulls or switched it up by buying both the Bandicoot and the Bandicoot lite! Thank you!

- Pascal Desbarats                - Jose Ang                - Clayton Hornacky                - David Marker

- Jeff Lam                            - George Fritch        - Mandy Lewzader                  - Stan Strohm

- Monica Welham               - Tony Williams       - Somer Edwardson               - Shelley Klingerman

- Beth Baughman                - Tracey Sarris          - James Welch                        - Danielle Ellison

- Mary Walls                   


Quokka Contributors

Our Quokka Contributors took the bouncing out of their step by making sure their phones were strapped securely in place with our Traditional Bandicoot! Thank you!


- Denise Hibbard                - Bryan Jackson                             - Ryan Sullivan

- Sarah Mitchell                  - Jim Leo                                       - Mathea Tanner

- Mark Achenbach              - Tricia Ann Hostetter                   - Jeremy Champan

- Chad Braun                      - Emma                                        - Kim White

- Rebecca Dutcher              - Brian Depasse                             - Lisette Caissie

- Rebecca Crawford            - Jesus Flores                                 - Brendan Kearns

- David Hunt                     - Ali Shaw-Moorhead                    - Brenda Roman

- Michel Starkey                - Nathan Chenette                         - Ben Hubers

- Jake Franklin                  - Lillian                                          - Zach Mayhew

- Steve Brady                    - Joyce Nichols                               - Abdullah

- Sue Henry                     - Diane                                           - James Semsar

- Jess Gleaton                   - Brad Cress                                    - Jacqueline Dayton

- Spencer May                  - Stanford                                       - Joe Kuhlman

- Gary Zavodny               - Chad Steider                                - Kyra Richter

- Melinda Chapman        - Sandra Karolus                             - Erik Karasyk

- Exelor                           - Elizabeth Sasso                             - Courtney Richey


Bandicoot Contributors

The man, the myth, the legend... this cute little guy is where the name began! Our Bandicoot contributors took home our Bandicoot Lite version so they could carry the essentials along with them wherever they go! Thank you!

- Julia Fritch                  - David Ford                  - Julie Rose                  - Allene Quick               

- Rebecca Stamm


Sugar Glider Contributors

Hey we know you like to take flight and we thank you for the leg up to help our products take flight too! Thank you!


- Jason Harper